Doylestown is a haven for real estate investors looking for a stable property market in Bucks County. As the most populous city in the County, the demand for housing in most neighborhoods is always high. A working population, with mostly white-collar jobs, offers an ideal target for your investment.

The area is home to several beautiful neighborhoods with exceptional ambiance, ideal for rental property investors and occupiers. Even better, the housing market is stable, which makes it perfect for setting and achieving long-term investment goals.


The real estate market in Doylestown is diverse and offers extensive investment opportunities in residential properties. You can invest in apartments, single and multi-family units, and townhouses. There are many suburbs ideal for families or those looking to settle somewhere quiet yet still close to major cities.  

Minimal crime rates, lively communities, striking neighborhoods, and many exceptional schools in Doylestown are a big plus for those looking to invest in the rental property market.

In this article, we at Keyrenter BuxMont will take you through some of the best neighborhoods in Doylestown. This guide should help you if you want to extend your property investment portfolio.

Best Places to Live in Doylestown

When buying an investment property it’s important to invest in the right locations. You want high-rent areas with access to great amenities and low crime rates. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in the area:


Considered one of the top, high-end neighborhoods in Doylestown, Cottageville is characterized by its medium to large single-family housing units. These houses are usually three bedrooms for the smaller units, to up to more than five bedrooms for larger units. It’s an ideal location to invest in large family houses because most residents here are families.

investing in Doylestown, PA

Driving around the neighborhood will give you a glimpse of the lifestyle here. In an urban setting, apartment buildings are also viable investment opportunities. Many residents in Cottageville are professionals in white-collar jobs, and apartments are an ideal investment option if you’re targeting that renter demographic.

The proximity of apartment buildings to workstations attracts many occupants who want to live close to their places of work. It’s an attractive suburb to invest in considering that houses here are rarely vacant and attract some of the best rates in the country. The best units to invest in here are single and multi-family units and apartment buildings.

Properties here are well-maintained and retain their value long term. The area boasts plenty of top schools, both public and private. You will also find several family-friendly amenities around. It’s a perfect fit for investors with an eye for high-end neighborhoods and modern homes.


Another famous suburb in Doylestown, PA is Furlong. It has medium-sized single-family homes of three to five-bedroom units. Investing in such units or townhouses can help you reap good returns from your rental property.  Furlong is a family-friendly neighborhood. The crime rate is low, and schooling is part of their rich heritage, as evidenced by the many exceptional educational institutions in the area.

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A low vacancy rate also makes the neighborhood an ideal suburb for residential property investment. That’s because the demand for housing is always high and supersedes the supply. As a charming urban neighborhood with a blend of old and new houses, you cannot go wrong with townhouses and apartments to serve the working population that’s drawn to the area.

A stable market for residential property investments awaits you in furlong if you can match the refined taste and touch of class preferred by the residents.

Doylestown East

The demand for housing in Doylestown east remains very high, making it a viable investment destination for property investors. Family housing units, apartments, and townhouses make up the majority of residential houses in the suburb and are the ideal investment options.

Many homes here are older, constructed between the 1940s to 1960s. With demand still higher than the supply, it offers an opportunity for rental investors to build modern houses and apartments to satisfy the growing housing need.

Doylestown East is characterized by its urban lifestyle, where residents are big fans of art, shopping, theatres, and dining. Residents are friendly, creating a warm atmosphere. A majority of residents here have white-collar jobs and include business executives, salespeople, and managers. As such, they have the means to afford higher rates so your houses will attract quality occupants.

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Apart from the working class, this neighborhood also ranks well with families, retirees, and college students. Such diversity comes with diverse housing needs, which creates an opportunity for property investors to invest in a wide range of properties.  


As one of the most striking neighborhoods in Doylestown, PA, Mechanicsville has its fair share of investment opportunities for property investors. With medium to large family units and townhouses, Mechanicsville is ideal for those looking to settle in the area. It has a blend of old and modern houses, giving it an attractive look.

It offers an ideal opportunity for property investors to expand their portfolios. Here, the houses will not only be leased to capacity but also expect to earn optimal rental revenues. The best part is that the real estate market is stable, meaning you will enjoy the benefits for a long time.


This area is undoubtedly home to the most charming and attractive neighborhoods to live in around Pennsylvania. Doylestown is one of the most preferred suburbs because of its safety, rich history, developments, and many career opportunities.

For property investors, the neighborhood offers a stable market and a steady flow of income. What’s more, the demand for housing is also high. The larger majority of residents in Doylestown are career professionals in white-collar jobs. They tick all the right boxes when looking for high-quality tenants.

If you plan on extending your property investments to Bucks County, Keyrenter BuxMont property management can help you realize your investment goals. Their experience in the local market will be an added advantage in your quest to become a successful property investor in Bucks County.